Judas Iscariot; Betrayer or Apostle?

In case you Guys didn’t Know! I have Grown and expanded some what into trying newer and bigger money making opportunities. And these are no longer free. They are costing me all that I am earning and then some.


But when you are growing your business this is to be expected. You must always reinvest in It! A larger portion of what you are earning from it! Especially when at First it begins to grow.


So I kinda have out grown  certain Sites like wikinut.com and Triond.com and I let Hubpages.com  go by the wayside this last year. I have kind of Out Grown Hubpages as well. But they did team up this year with Squidoo.com.


If I am remembering correctly? So I may go back if I can find some extra time and test the “Waters” there again.  Here is an exert from one my 2014 writes at Hubpages.com


If you would like to see what I still have Up there I’ll leave a Link. I am giving some serious thought about creating a Blogger Blog on these religious topics.

If I gather All my writes and comments on Religion and especially Christianity.

I should be able to create a meaty and bitey Blog!  As I have been an Active Man of Christ Upon the World Wide Web these last Few years. More so now then ever before!

Donald Beres Jr (Sinbadsailorman)

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The Prophets and Their Silly Stories Who Could Possibly Betray The Christ?

  • Christianity, the Bible and Jesus
  • Hot Questions

From a Question raised in the forum about four weeks ago as of today Sept. 28th 2013

So… Where is Judas?

Wow, Disapearinghead. This is the Question I have asked always when testing those whom presume to teach me of the scriptures. It is a question I asked of a Catholic Priest when he said he couldn’t marry me in his church unless I took the churches classes on marriage. He was the Priest my Ex-Wife wanted to marry us. So I took the Classes and learned a little something.

Non the Less He could not answer the question that I posed to Him to my satisfaction. And he did not marry My wife and I which greatly saddened my wife from the start.

And None shall pluck you from My Hand, was it Not Jesus who chose Judas? Did He not ask the other eleven If He had chosen a devil? Did Judas repent? Did Judas actually hang himself and split his bowels open?

Too many of us are of the “Opinions” of those opinions drawn of by early church elders and profiteers.

Christ said we would have to eat of His body [We would have to discern His followers] He said we would have to drink of His Blood [discern their spirits and those things that drive their choices when following Him]

In my Opinion Christ knew what He was doing and He knew Judas would repent. Which I believe he did when he tried to give back the silver pieces. And then when they [the High priest] refused his plea he threw the pieces upon the ground before Them. Which I believe got him hung and disemboweled for his troubles.

Judas is in Paradise as are the other twelve are and they all are awaiting Judgment. Matthias is Judas’s Name sake or benefactor…

Click Here to finish reading this write.



CYA Later Taters!

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Hey All How You Doing? Me I am a Little Better Now!

As I believe I have gotten the Site at Sinbadthesailorman Dot Com under control.

Here is what the deal was my Hub and site “Sinbad The Sailor Man Dot Com” was acting up and when I put a ticket in I found out It has been UN supported for the last Year! But Now what is left of it and still up and working is at Sinbadthesailorman Dot Info.

I am currently Rebuilding the PW&OSfStSM Site at a WordPress Themed Site. It will still be Hosted at Fatcow.com and It will have the Original Dot Com address Sinbadthesailorman.com.

The Dot Info should be Up but, It may not be Fully Functioning not even as well as It did Yesterday! And It will decline in functionality as time goes by. There is nothing I can do about It as of today Its a third party website builder for Fatcow and It is being phased out! But like a way Back Site you’ll be able to see what It is and was.

This Post will be a site wide Posting and you will see It at all my sites and on my FaceBook pages, Twitter.com, and wherever else I can think about getting It up and then remember to do so.

 The New WordPress Theme is Visible

But appears nothing like a WordPress theme and It Won’t for a good week and a half most likely. But the Addresses of both sites are showing up as Up and they are something and Bits and Pieces of both. They are not completely restored and the Old Website won’t be to my understanding as I mentioned above here. So this is why I am putting this Info Out too you all. So you don’t think I built a bunch of totally useless crap and slapped It up trying to make a buck.

Well I got to Run because I am under the Gun Here and I need to try and save the Christmas rush earnings ability If I can If Not Oh well It Looks like Easter and St Valentines Day will be my next chance to earn with Amazon.com and my other Affiliates.

Stuff Happens and It will Happen When You Least Expect It! Especially If You Don’t Stay On Top of Things!


CYA Later Taters

Donnie/Sinbad The Sailor Man

Hello All, How you Doing?

Well I started the Year out Right with January, but then came February and the stuff hit the fan and broke it all to pieces. I turned Fifty the big 50 and then I got hit with the Ex’s claims. And I even got charged with contempt of court. And Issued a bench warrant. For failure to appear.

Isn’t great that they can do that! Just  not send you a certified Letter and charge you with contempt of court.  Funny my address is on the web site and all over the WWW.  I am not Hard to find. I can’t run to fast and I don’t care too. I have always appeared in the past and that might be why they didn’t bother sending a Certified Letter to the correct address. But if that wasn’t enough they took 60% of my Social Security Disability Pay! Which for the last thirteen years I believed they couldn’t do. And I had no reason to believe they would. But Shock and Surprise and to me a Happy Birth Day. They did and left me with $437.00 a month to live on.

So a years worth of My Vemma work (Volume) was lost.  And I am struggling to even stay a float and motivated to do this stuff as of now.  So I am sorry that I have not been posting here at this blog these last few months.  Life showed up on my door step and has not yet vacated the premises.

I am waiting on a Pro Bono Lawyer to call me back.  Its been almost two months now, but she said they were two and a half months behind. I need to get this crap all sorted out, but when your Poor and have no legal counsel they screw you to the wall and beat the piss out of ya. I was warned not to show up without counsel this time as they want me to do six months jail time.

Well enough of that I am trying to get motivated But it is hard when they just keep coming after ya when there is nothing to get. This old turnip never had any blood in it to begin with.

And there is nothing left of this vegetable to squeeze.

I did do some work this weekend. I posted some and cleaned up some. I am going to get moving here soon, but I am trying to earn  some to help out my people who are helping me out I hate being made into a deadbeat dad by the court system. They truly do more harm then good these days.

I have found a new Blog register Blog Nation and I am posting my Blogs there for some more exposure. I have been asked to create a Spot on the website for my religious base writes and poetry. As so to make it easier for some to find, but I didn’t get that done this weekend as I was doing other stuff.

“Never Give Up Never Surrender! To Infinity and Beyond”  Buzz Lightyear Toy Story

That’s easier said than done, but we must keep, keeping on. Placing one foot in front of the other until we have crossed that finish line.

I am still here, I am still trying. I don’t no what lays ahead and I am starting to believe It does not matter as long as I am able, I will keep this up until I get it is done.


CYA Later Taters

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Donnie/ Sinbad the Sailor Man

Hey All How you Doing? Fine I Hope!

Well I have been very busy cleaning up the PW&OSfStSM website and I have tons yet to do there. But I am working on it.  I am extremely happy with the new Blogs there at Blogger.com and their rankings so far at Alexa.com  I have much more to do with them still. And I need to start my video Blog there soon maybe after the Holidays. I am hoping to soon earn enough Money monthly to justify turning these WordPress.com into my own domain named Blogs at WordPress.org

I have wanted to do this all along, but money has been a hard pressed factor as I have none to spare at the present time. But I am hoping sometime next year I can do this and this should correct my redirect problems I have currently with the Dot ORG and the Dot Net being considered as duplicate content sites which greatly affects my Dot Com’s standings and rankings.

The Website’s off-site Blog is currently Ranked   Globally at 4,367,083  as of today Nov 24th 2012.

Her ranking is 331,726 here in the USA and 19,829 in the city of Chicago IL. And it has a reputation now of 20 sites linking into it. That is its all time best stats to date. I believe this is solely due to the new Blogs.  That were just placed into its Traffic Wheel.

I have linked them all to the PW&OSfStSM Website and I have even got some Amazon widgets placed at a couple of them. Plus the traffic Wheel Links are now working correctly also. Even my two WordPress Blogs have made significant strides with their rankings.

I need to get some Adspace rentals placed for sale and find some unique affiliates or special offers to put up and get working. This will take me some time to find and then get placed. The private or third-party Adspace rental If and when rented will have the greatest impact on my income streams.  So these will be at the top of my to do lists all next week.

  • The Dot Com PW&OSfStSM Website is back down in the low Single digit Millions again as of today Nov 24th 2012
     5,790,881 Globally.  447,952 here in the USA  and her reputation is back up at 44 sites Linking in.
  •  Vyperstrkesandotherbikes.blogspot.com is ranked  4,327,793 Globally.  328,795 here in the USA. In the city of Chicago at 17,501 and her reputation is at 10 sites linking in.
  • Oldiesbutgoodiesyoutubes4you.blogspot.com is ranked 3,025,777 Globally. 224,795 here in the USA.  In the city of Chicago at 13,041 and her reputation is at 10 sites linking in.
  • Scubaontheyoutube4you.blogspot.com is ranked 4,121,818 Globally. 312,147 here in the USA. In the city of Chicago at 16,555 and her reputation is at 11 sites linking in.
  • Emotionalhealingsngospelfeelings4you.blogspot.com is ranked 4,036,073 Globally. 305,350 here in the USA.  In the City of Chicago 17,824 and her reputation is at 9 sites linking in.

Well I think you can see that after you learn a few things you can replicate some traffic driving and entertaining Blogs fairly easy with Blogger and the many resources upon the web. Now these that I have are problematic as I will need to keep updating them and checking them for copy rights take downs and removal request by infringed upon property owners rights if there be any. Many people put up youtubes and didn’t follow the guide lines and many youtubes are later removed or disabled so this is why I say these are more work then they appear to be at first.

But these are the things I like and they are available for sharing and I do this with Blogger which is a Free blogging site which you can Monetize and learn rather quickly.

Well I got stuff to do and so do if your looking to create passive Income streams upon the World Wide Web.

Keep on Keeping On!



Later Taters

Thanks for stopping by.

Donnie/ Sinbad the Sailor Man

Hey All The Future is Now! Direct Sales and MLM Marketing Get Going Now!

Direct Sales and MLM Marketing


Changing Times Bring New Opportunities


By Identify The Driving Forces and Trends

Where? There Everywhere!

Opportunities are Awaiting You Everywhere!

What to Do!

Stay Positive, Stay Connected, and Stay Consistent!

Who? Seek and You Shall Find!


1. Write Down Your Goals and Dreams Set Dates to Achieve Them By! This is; Now Your Why!
2. Make a Contact List (Who do You Know?) Who Wants to Grow?
3. Invite Others Calmly and Correctly! Some Will; Some Won’t, So What, Next!
4. Keep It Simple Stupid! Keep Moving On and Never Ever Stop! Keep On Keeping On!
5. Be Enthusiastic and Get Excited! Don’t be Forceful or Become a Nuance
6. Practice, Practice, Practice!

Figure out what you want in Life and go after it! Read as many books as it takes! Listen to as many audios as it takes! And go to as many seminars as can man!

The skill sets needed to do this business or any other; is way easier to develop, than to go on struggling without. Disciplining yourself; It is worth it.

I see things differently now; much better or clearer than ever before. And I have learned many newer and different disciplines. I like the leadership aspects I now have. And I feel I can work with anyone and learn from them; by the doing and trying, of any project. And then take what I know and learn to every situation now. As before I wouldn’t have even bothered to try.

Don’t get discouraged, everything takes time. Plant the Seeds water them and watch them grow. The Birds will get some, the sun will dry some out. Others will get mowed down or up rooted If ! You don’t tend your seeds in your Garden they might not grow at all. Take advantage of your leaders and get help from them when in doubt. When you need it get re-established and begin again. Reset after a failure get back on that horse and ride it to the finish line. Remember Slow and Steady wins the race! Remember you always set the pace and the finish line. So it is All on You! What are You Gonna Do?

CYA LAter Taters TTFN

Donnie/ Sinbad the Sailor Man

Hey All! I Bet You Thought this Would be the Month I Folded and Gave Up Nope!

Well although I did feel this way a lot all this month. No!  Not yet! And as far as I have come; I don’t think I will cave in on this project.

Well I ended up moving again and on short notice again. I found a new passive Income stream with a company called Zazzle.com And I even sent in a few Invention Ideas into a site. And all this amidst all the chaos of moving.  Some where in the the midst of the crisis I popped out an Idea that is being muled over by Davidson Designs out of Pennsylvania. You might have seen them on the TV, on the radio, or even now with Ads by Google on the Word Wide Web.

As of last Monday the 23rd of Sept. 2012   We have signed Non-Discloser Agreements and a Pre-Development Agreement. Hey give it a try! What have you got to lose? Its only money. How broke can you go?

Wish me luck I could use a break. Wait a minute, let me correct that! I am in need of One!  A break that is. As well as many of you are in this our great country. For she has been beaten down a few to many notches, these last two terms. Although it will, can, or might take up to two, three, or more years before I see a prototype. And then even a bit longer to get an offer to licenses the thing.

But I was brave enough to go for it! To just move forward and try. We all are so afraid to fail anymore that we become paralyzed with fear and never try. Well not me buddy! I am a new man; who is devising new plans.

I won’t lie though, I don’t know how or if I’ll be able to pay it forward enough to bring it to fruition. But it is kind of exciting to think what if? Instead of hey that was my Ideal or why didn’t I do that. I have failed often and I am still alive and kicking. A little bruised but wiser none the less. And that is because my timing has been way off in the past. I aways launched to late or I didn’t ever get off the pad.

Well I am still here still plugging along singing a song side by side. If ya get a chance make some time to check out my FaceBook Pages. Gotta run! Because I am under the gun CYA

Donnie/ Sinbad the Sailor Man

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Am I saying it will be easy? No I am not! For we are a fickle bunch of people; now a days. We want what we want, when we want It! And some how we never end up achieving our goals. Because our “Whys” fade and then drift away from us. They aren’t big enough for most of us; almost 97% of us, to sustain our Dream.

We are Vemma and we want the best for you and yours! Hey If You Want Vemma! Search for a Vemma Brand Partner near you or better yet. Become a Brand Partner Today!